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    Here Are Some Good Snacks That Are 20% Off Right Now

    Pantry stocks are up!

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    It's hard to bargain shop for snacks, because hunger makes you much worse at negotiating.

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    But if you want to do your future self a solid, you can use the code AUGSTOCKUP20 to get 20% off a bunch of snacks, coffee, and pantry staples at Jet. The code is valid through September 16.

    (New Jet customers also get 15% off their first three orders over $35 with the code SAVE15.)

    Here are some snacks you might want to stock up on...

    1. Gluten-free granola for a breakfast treat, sans wheat.

    Get a 22-ounce bag for $7.43.

    2. Cold brew pouches so you can brew that liquid gold at home.

    Get a bag of twelve pouches for $19.99.

    3. A rice cakes variety pack with all the best flavors.

    White cheddar is king, but caramel corn is a close second.

    Get a six pack for $10.39.

    4. Peppered beef jerky, an excellent snack that has been unfairly pigeonholed as a road trip food.

    Get a 2.85-ounce bag for $4.03.

    5. Or some chicken jerky strips, for a snack that's low-carb and high-satisfaction.

    Get a box of 12 chicken strips for $14.86.

    6. A treasure trove of cheesy Nut Thins perfect for gluten-free snackers.

    Twitter: @nutthins

    Crackers? Made of nuts? What an age we live in!

    Get a pack of 36 snack bags for $25.61.

    7. A giant box of cinnamon Life cereal for sharing with your family or eating by the fistful in bed.

    Both are valid options!

    Get a 24.8-ounce box for $4.16.

    8. An actual barrel of honey wheat pretzels, because "barrel" is almost always the right quantity of snack.

    Get a 56-ounce barrel for $9.59.

    9. Or some party mix, in case you prefer snack barrels that aren't afraid to rage.

    Get a 43-ounce barrel for $7.67.

    10. A bag of delicious popcorn that will satisfy your butter craving.

    Get a 4.4-ounce bag for $3.25.

    11. Garlic chili oil, which is scientifically proven to improve almost any dinner.

    The science of personal opinion, at least.

    Get a 3.9-ounce jar for $7.16.

    Happy hoarding!

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