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Lies Told In Much Ado Discovered On Yik Yak

The presence of deception is immediately noticed even in the beginning scenes of the play. When Don Pedro hears about Claudio's love for Hero he decides that wooing he for himself is the best way for the two end up together. Don Pedro is seemingly acting in order to benefit his own agenda, however, he does ultimately give Hero the good word about his knight, Claudio.

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1. TFW Don Pedro wooing Hero when Claudio called dibs first

2. TFW Claudio is posing as Benedick in order to find out information from Don John and Borachio who are entertaining him while pretending they believe he is Benedick:

3. TFW Margaret pretends to be an unfaithful Hero with Borachio

4. TFW Benedick and Beatrice’s feelings for one another turn from hate to love.

5. TFW Hero allegedly dying because of the slanders of her reputation but the Constable knows what's up

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