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    Everything You Need For A Killer 4th Of July Bash

    Hey Man, it's time to celebrate your country. You are free bro, time to celebrate. Here is everything you need for one legendary bash. <4thofJuly>

    1. You'll need some really big outdoor gamess

    2. A creative homemade beer bong.

    3. Friends who drink.

    4. You'll need an awesome 4th of July T-Shirt

    5. A pool, so if you don't have a pool, make one.

    6. A giant slip n slide.

    7. A really awesome party grill.

    8. Red white and blue EVERYTHING.

    9. A lot of really happy people.

    10. Lots of random cool places for people to park it.

    11. One drunk guy dressed as Uncle Sam.

    12. And I mean, just TONS of sparklers.