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Feb 2017
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    jessieb495ffa816 commented on Tell Us About Your Weird Or Creepy Premonitions That Shockingly Came True

    In May 2002 my dad suffered a massive heart attack. The night before it happened, I had a dream/premonition. My sister and I were up against the wall in the ER watching the doctors and nurses swarm around my dad’s bed. The following day, it happened just like I had envisioned it.… 

    8 months ago

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    jessieb495ffa816 commented on We Wanna Know About The Time Your Kid Went, "I See Dead People."

    When my son was about 2 years old, we had a sleepy over at a friends house. The following morning I asked him to grab a diaper and as he was making his way over to the diaper bag he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the door and let out a piercing scream and started pointing… 

    2 years ago

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