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  • Cambodia’s First Fashion Week

    Sure, the first fashion week for Cambodia happened back in October of 2011, but it’s all the more interesting. When you think of Cambodia, you might think of the Khmer Rouge, Ankor Wat and its people working in the rice paddies; not for it’s fashion influences. This beautiful land is a third world country, but the people are learning and growing in creativity and intelligence. Check out this mini-documentary on Cambodia’s fashion week and the underbelly of the clothing sweatshop.

  • Beijing Woman Is A Superhero!

    A woman dressed as a super hero (with ample bosom ^_~) has been appearing around Beijing, China since Christmas Eve giving food, clothes, and even money to the homeless/needy. People are excited and wondering when and where she might show up!

  • Thai Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

    This is truly heartbreaking. On January 4th, Deff Yingyuen married his deceased girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook (R.I.P.) in the city of Surin, Thailand. The couple had been together for 10 years, but Sarinya tragically died in an car accident the day before the wedding. Deff wanted to go forward with the ceremony anyway.

  • Old Folks Go Gaga

    Accompanied by hot girls in skimpy outfits playing traditional Chinese instruments, these old folks sing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Pretty bad-ass. You can buy t-shirts too!

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