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15 Infomercial Fails That'll Make You Wonder How These People Are Even Alive

Infomercial actors: the clumsiest people ever.

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1. This guy who should have just put the bowl in his lap:

2. This kid who doesn't understand the concept of pouring at all:

3. This person who you should never trust to cook: / Via

There really aren't words for this egg crisis

4. This lady who has obviously never done dishes before:

5. This messy child who (1) needs to eat over his plate and (2) needs to cool it with the condiments:

6. This couple who doesn't understand how to drive a car:

7. This family with a table RIGHT in front of them:

8. This guy who holds a bowl like a baby:

9. This person who doesn't quite understand how lids work:

10. This lady who crushes a taco in her face:

11. This lady who has never eaten a hot dog before:

12. This lady who can fall without tripping:

13. This catastrophic baker who destroys her kitchen:

14. This lady with a Tupperware hoarding problem:

15. And this person who just wants an all-in-one solution to laundry:

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