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20 Ways To Be Rich & Successful

Top tips to ensure you live a successful life...

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2. The pursuit of success begins in high school. Choose subjects that have a valid career path.

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Pick a career path that guarantees a stable income. Oh, but music and dance nourish your soul? Too damn bad.

4. Do not move out of home until you are at least 25 years old!

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Desperate to move out of home at 18 and spread your wings? Screw that. Stay home with the parents while you study and work. Saving is your #1 goal...

5. Buy an apartment ASAP!

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Dreams of having a nice, big house are a fantasy. Sorry darlin' but this ain’t the 1980’s! Think two-bedroom apartment and if you get a dishwasher, thank your lucky stars.

6. Live in a small, cheap town. Die in that town.

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So... you want to move to the big smoke? Tough titties. Big cities are EXPENSIVE and they will suck every dollar from your bones. Think 'Gilmore Girls' 4 eva.

12. Forget holidays, they are a myth.

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But all your friends' social media is blowing up with euro pics? They've probably paid for it on credit cards. Just forget holidays even exist... sunbathe in your backyard - oh wait, you don't have one - in the park then.

16. You do not NEED a mobile phone.

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Wondering why you can't get ahead financially? Get rid of all mod-cons. You may need to consider a career that doesn't require you to have a phone or internet, like a shepherd...

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