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    How To Spot A Local At Disneyland

    Southern California residents at Disneyland; use these tips to spot locals at the parks or see if you qualify as a bona-fide Disneyland native.

    For those of us lucky enough to live within an hour drive of Disneyland (you know, depending on traffic), it's safe to say we've spent countless hours roaming around Main Street, riding Space Mountain and eating churros in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

    By our fifth birthday, we've likely been to Disneyland more than most people visit in a lifetime. We remember when California Adventure was nothing more than a parking lot, we've taken every out-of-town guest to The Happiest Place on Earth, spent grad nites, date nights and ditch days inside the park and we keep coming back. No matter how often we visit, Disneyland still has a special place in our hearts. Disneyland is like an extension of our own backyard; it's our park and we can never stay away too long.

    If you're a local at the Disneyland parks, see if you fit into these top 10 ways to spot a local at Disneyland.

    1. Disneyland Quick Fix

    You'll spot locals getting their quick fix after work, on a random day off or local moms who bring their little ones to play for a couple of hours on school day mornings to beat the crowds.

    2. Scarves and Hoodies

    If it's 50° or cooler, you'll see Californians busting out the scarves and hoodies. If it's raining, forget about it. We'll be avoiding the freeways as much a possible and snuggling up next to the fireplace instead.

    3. Los Doyers Gear

    Natives love the L.A. Dodgers, which we affectionately refer to as, Los Doyers. Dodgers Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen once said, "We embrace the cultural significance of the term 'Doyers' used throughout Los Angeles and even by our own players. It's a part of the club's identity." While our Doyers remain the local favorite, you can spot us sporting some Angels love at the parks too.

    4. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

    You know those crazy high scores on the Buzz Lightyear ride and Toy Story Mania? That's a local's doing. We know the high scoring targets, hidden targets and all the secrets in between—and we get those scores with our eyes closed. Zurg doesn't stand a chance, we're just that good.

    5. Jaded Behavior

    You might not know a local when you see one, but you'll know when you hear one. Unfortunately, one mark of a Californian at Disneyland is when they talk loudly during rides, say lines during Haunted Mansion or Jungle Cruise just moments before they're about to be said or otherwise ruin the magic for new or unassuming guests.

    6. No Map In Sight

    What's the best way to get to Indiana Jones? Where can I grab a Dole Whip? No map needed for locals who have explored Disneyland's every nook and cranny since the days of teenage carpool drop offs.

    7. Flip Flops

    Fresh-out-the-box white sneakers or running shoes just won't cut it. You're most likely to find a local wearing what's most comfortable for them—flip flops. We wear them year-round and have perfected the art of keeping them on our feet even while dangling from the heights of Soarin' Over California.

    8. Less Waiting

    Check any local Disneyland goer's phone and they'll have at least one, if not more, of their favorite Disneyland apps installed. Locals can be spotted riding more rides in 2 hours than the average tourist rides in 8. Our secret weapons consist of wait-time apps, 'Single Rider' lines (even when traveling with large groups) and FASTPASSES to spend less time in line and more time having fun.

    9. Annual Passports

    Like everything in Southern California, those coveted annual passes come at a cost. Depending on how much we're willing to shell out each month for our pass, you usually won't spot a local at Disneyland during the busiest times of the year or during blockout dates. That typically means we stay away during summer weekends and the entire month of July. Go ahead and have some fun, we're happy to let all the out-of-towners get their Disneyland fix during the hot summer months when everyone else from around the country wants to be there too.

    10. Cast Member Perks

    If we don't know someone, we know someone who knows someone who can get us in the parks for free. Locals often pass through the gates without a single swipe of a credit card. Whether we know a cast member who works at Disneyland or are related to someone who works in the Burbank offices, we usually don't have to search long for a Disneyland hook-up.

    Add to the list!

    How do you know a local from the rest of the Disneyland crowd?