16 Etsy Items Every Cat Lady Should Purchase

If you find yourself worrying you aren’t showing off your cat-lady-craziness to the fullest, consider these items to take your crazy up a notch.

Let’s begin the list with items for that hairy baby of yours…

1. No home is complete without the perfect cat bed.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

You can just feel the utter glee radiating off this little guy.

2. Remind Mr. Jingles how much you love him as he eats and drinks from this custom bowl.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

Please ensure you choose the picture that best illustrates your eternal love for one another.

3. Provide them an outlet to release their anger and frustration…

etsy.com / Via Etsy

…by purchasing this completely normal cat toy. Insert your picture and let your cat bite the shit out of you when you’re not around. Anger management is so hot right now.

4. Give them the childhood you never had with this custom treehouse.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

a steal at $999.00

But let’s not forget about those perfect gifts for you!

5. Forget your ID? Never with this cat clutch!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

6. Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to rock a sexy kitten bikini!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

If cats don’t like water, does that mean this bikini hates water?

7. Fall season around the corner? No problem! This cat scarf will keep your neck nice and warm.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

It’s not creepy at all…

8. Planning ahead for that Ugly Christmas Sweater party? We’ve got you covered!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

9. Need a hair accessory for work today? Here ya go!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

Classy as shit.

10. Did you and Mrs. Whiskerson get your tubes tied? Tell the world!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

11. Tired of your Chanel No.5? Give Eau de Cat Lady a try!

Via Etsy

You’ll have men lining up left and right.

12. Worried your coworkers don’t know your cat is your numero uno? Set this as your wallpaper and they’ll never question you again.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

13. Feeling like the world doesn’t get JUST how much of a cat lady you are? Tell them with car decals!

etsy.com / Via Etsy

People will really respect you for it.

14. Always wished your soap resembled a tiny cat? Say no more.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

15. No kids? No problem. Have a one of a kind piece of art made to honor your cat.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

$750 for an 11×14 or buy one get one free for those of you with a multiple cat household.

16. Lastly, missing a past friend? Have a 3D felt model made after them.

etsy.com / Via Etsy

It’s the hipster version of taxidermy.

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