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Which 2109 Roommate Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you are Anat, Jennifer, Jessica, or Yonit? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. It's Friday night! You are....

    At Juan Luis's house
    Hanging out with Mira and Adina at Hillel or on North Campus
    At a meal you invited yourself too, because why not?
    Hanging out with friends either at Hillel or at a meal, and looking forward to reading a book later in bed
  2. You spend 90% of your time...

    in bed
    at the gym
    at Hillel
    with an advisor
  3. Snacktime! You're eating...

    Double-Stuf Oreos
    Trail Mix from Trader Joe's
    Flaming Hot Cheetos
  4. You just found out that you have Xfinity for free (thanks UMD)! You're watching...

    The Arrow
  5. The class you're frantically cramming for is...

  6. Your favorite article of clothing is...

    A bottlecap belt
    egg earrings
    a black and white checkered sweater
    a comfortable knee length dress
  7. For your birthday...

    You're having a potluck picnic and a big outing!
    you receive a baddest binch collage
    You're lowkey, unless other people want to be high-key.
  8. In five years, you see yourself...

    as a middle school English teacher
    in an airport with hella snacks talking to a stranger
    making soap
    as a successful engineer in Israel
  9. You're having a breakdown. The best way to make you feel better is...

    ranting to everyone you meet about everything that's happening
    going to the gym to sweat it out
    finding a friend who will listen
    crying into Toby's arms
  10. One of your roommates has a stuffed cat that talks. How do you feel?

    I love Toby! I talk to him too! He's SWAG (sexy wild and gay)
    He's pretty cute!
    He's fine, but I will never converse with him.
  11. If you were an expert in any subject, it would be...

    cultural Judaism
    halachic Judaism
    the Prime Ministers of Israel
  12. You have a crush. What do you do?

    Become intoxicated and inquire about their sexuality before confessing your love
    Figure out for sure that they don't like you back, and then confess your feelings because HONESTY IS IMPORTANT.
    Keep it cool
    Scream internally and externally forever
  13. This semester, you're a part of Project Get What You Want. You want...

    a nice Jewish boy who wants to make Aliya
    to cross things off your bucket list
    better sex
  14. Your favorite segment of Jennifer's radio show is...

    reading the spicy scenes between Katherine and MIchael in Forever.
    Jennifer's sex PSA's
    the music
    the embarrassing stories
  15. What are you doing on laptop at any given moment?

    translating Arabic
    making CAD files
    creative writing
    playing Neopets
  16. You just spend $30 on...

    glam shoes
    Farmer's Market Apples
    A Diva Cup
  17. If you were a cleaning supply, you would be...

    a mop (why do we not have one for god's sake. please.)
    the dustpan
    the toiletbrush
    a sponge
  18. Your favorite place to go out to eat is...

    Busboys and Poets
    a Thai Place
  19. The most you thing you could say is...

    "a soft maybe"
    "I don't wanna take a shower!"
    "but I HATE going to bed!"
    "No, it's too mainstream."
  20. It's 2am. You...

    went to bed two hours ago. You have an internship in the morning!
    went to bed four hours ago after having AWESOME sex
    are being walked home from a friend's apartment and will be asleep shortly
    are frantically finishing just one more assignment and you know you need to get in bed now but there's so much else to do and everything is way more interesting and WHY do we have to sleep anyway this is the WORST
  21. Your favorite 2109 roommate is...


Which 2109 Roommate Are You?

You got: Jennifer!

You're Jennifer! You love your stuffed cat named Toby more than life itself. You also love spending time in bed, and can be found volunteering at the Farmer's Market. You are pursuing engineering but you really hope to make it in the soap business. You have an awesome septum piercing and a cool undercut. One time, you broke the roommate agreement by putting 7 potatoes in the microwave at one time. When you aren't in bed, you're at Juan Luis's house.

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You got: Anat!

You love hitting the gym for a Body Pump class when you aren't making really awesome and aesthetic craft projects. On Friday nights, you can be found at Hillel and then you love hanging out with other Jews, but you also enjoy relaxing in bed with a book. Hot Air Balloons are your aesthetic. You're a whiz in the kitchen as long as the kitchen is kosher! You also enjoy a good garden.

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You got: Yonit!

You may not spend a ton of time in the room, but that doesn't mean you aren't a bomb diggity roommate. You're the whole deal: you can be found davening in the morning, making pulleys around the room around lunch, and having a dance party at night. You may not be touching any boys soon, but you give great hugs to any women who need one. Your greatest weakness is showering. Your side of the room may be a mess, but you can always find chocolate when you need it!

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You got: Jessica!

Your hair is probably purple and you're probably wearing tie-dye. You love talking about camp and your Israeli Dance Troupe. You can be seen lugging around huge anthologies of American Literature and Shakespeare. You love peanut butter and will probably be the last one awake.

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