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Didn't Think There Was A Vegan Cooking Show On The TV? There Actually Is!

Vegans absolutely love food and when you first go vegan you practically have to re-learn the art of cooking, as there are so many things that change! And many people think it would be great if there were more vegan cooking shows to inspire people and make them realise that vegan food can be amazing! Most cooking shows on the telly are geared towards meat, which isn't very useful if you are a vegan! There are loads of fabulous vegan recipes and cooking shows on YouTube, and there are some amazing blogs out there, but as of yet they haven't made it to the small screen. This is now changing!

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Wildflower Cafe

There is a small vegan art café in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and they have a little cooking show on Made in Tyne and Wear, a channel you can get on Sky or Freeview. They have a small show on every Wednesday, on a programme called 'The Low Down' where local events and lovely things are broadcast. This is on 7pm every Wednesday, and again it is repeated at 11pm.

Each Week there is a different recipe! As our menu changes all the time for new and exciting delights!

This is the Beetroot Falafel Burger, with handmade hummus.

This is the Beetroot Falafel Burger, with handmade hummus.

Made in Tyne and Wear

Made in Tyne and Wear is a local channel to those in the North East of England. Geordies can enjoy local news, weather and cover of local places, businesses and events!

Don't worry, you can still watch if your not in the North East!

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Wildflower get sent the episodes so they can now be found on YouTube too! Here is a recipe for vegan custard creams!

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Find Wildflower Creative Kitchen and Event Space at 283A Westgate Road in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Visit our website, for more information.

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