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If I Was At Disneyland With My Best Friend Right Now As Told By Gifs

Missing my best friend. This is dedicated to her and pretending we are at Disneyland together through GIFs.

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We would start by getting pretty

and ditching sweatpants to look cute for once.

We'd sing Disney songs together on the drive there


and converse about Disney of days past.


We would embrace the joy of walking down mainstreet


and have such happy thoughts.

We would enjoy the jambos

...but mostly gush about our love for each other

as we stuffed our faces

...only to then regret it.

It's okay though we will SHARE the next churro.

Eventually we would get annoyed

like REALLY annoyed

and be shocked by the things some people do.

After a couple hours we would feel like death from the heat

but our hearts would be full... with Star Wars & Disney love.

We'd geek out about things

that nobody else we know will ever quite understand

and discuss the complexities of life as we wait in line.


We would rejoice in the Charm that is Disney

and revel in the magic of it all.

Just kidding it's too crowded we're leaving.


I love you bestie!


Thanks to all the talented GIF makers out there and to Disney for creating magic.

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