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Gotta Catch Em All... Or At Least The Cute Ones!

With the announcement of the revamp and release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a few months I thought I would take a journey down Pokemon memory lane. You can view a full list of all Pokemon on Bulbapedia. As in all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a special love for all the gen 1 Pokemon and I don’t have a single Pokemon listed from Gen 2 and only one from Gen 3. So which Pokemon are the cutest of all time?

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Charmander is my favorite Pokemon. Period. He may not be the cutest Pokemon but I have the strongest emotional connection to him. His episode in the first anime really solidified that for me. I have to say that selecting my Pokemon in the first game is probably the most magical video game moment in my childhood. Naturally, I picked Charmander and I love his evolution to Charzard. I love fire types and even still gravitate towards them.


No list of cute Pokemon would be complete without Eevee and it's evolutions. This is by FAR the cutest Pokemon. Ever. Sylveon is my current favorite but I really love Flareon and Jolteon.

Vulpix has a similar look to Flareon. In fact it almost looks like a pre-evolution for Flareon. Google search "Growlithe and Vulpix". I can't handle the cuteness!


Skidoo is my favorite from X/Y. Clearly it's precious and I LOVE that it has the emerald green accent. I really like Skidoo's evolution too!

Lillipup is on this list for obvious reasons. A puppy Pokemon. It really can't get more adorable than that. However, it is a shame that it evolves into really one of the least esthetically pleasing Pokemon. I mean, Herdier just looks so grumpy and not in an awesome/cool sort of way.


Fennekin was my selection in Pokemon X/Y. If you can't tell I tend to love Pokemon that look like puppies. Fennekin's evolution is pretty bizarre though. I try not to look up evolutions during game play so I was very surprised by the direction it took.

Although I love aquatic creature in regular life I usually avoid them in Pokemon. I probably just don't find their moves as interesting as fire type Pokemon. With that being said, Lapras is stunning. Gyarados is also a really striking Pokemon.


I wasn't sure about having Diancie on my list or not but ultimately wanted to include this Pokemon because it is by far the cutest of the type. I also really like how unique the design is and the incorporation of the gemstones is really clever.

Deerling has such a sweet face and I especially love the coloring on the Spring version. I think it's so fun when a Pokemon is created and expanding upon and there is variety. (Eevee's evolutions, Deerling by seasons, Etc)


Zigzagoon is so non-typically cute. I love the spikes and the black accent on the eyes. Not a fan of the evolution again, but it could have been worse.

I hope you enjoyed my list of cutest Pokemon. For more check out :) Which are YOUR favorites?

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