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If I Was At Disneyland With My Best Friend Right Now As Told By Gifs

Missing my best friend. This is dedicated to her and pretending we are at Disneyland together through GIFs.

jessicarosesith • 4 years ago

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Best Etsy Finds

Are you as obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy as I am? If so, you should check out these great handmade items from Etsy!

jessicarosesith • 4 years ago

Best And Worst Disney Princes Of All Time

A tale as old as time is evolving! Disney Princes' are no longer the lifeless no-names they once were. So who are REALLY the best and the worst princes' of Disney?

jessicarosesith • 4 years ago

Gotta Catch Em All... Or At Least The Cute Ones!

With the announcement of the revamp and release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a few months I thought I would take a journey down Pokemon memory lane. You can view a full list of all Pokemon on Bulbapedia. As in all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a special love for all the gen 1 Pokemon and I don’t have a single Pokemon listed from Gen 2 and only one from Gen 3. So which Pokemon are the cutest of all time?

jessicarosesith • 4 years ago

22 Reasons Animal Crossing Villagers Are The Realest

They may be nagging, needy, pixelated little animals, but they totally get life.

Jenqua • 5 years ago