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13 Board Games That Are Actually Fun For Adults

Game on.

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1. Superfight is like Cards Against Humanity + a Chuck Norris joke.

"You may start with Mr. Rogers in a Bubble with a Lightsaber destroying a Kindergarten class that is 6 inches tall and made of mud, but soon you will witness a deluge of increasingly obscure references until you lose all your friends defending your new favorite sweater wearing superhero." - Brian Walker

For 3 - 1,000,000 players.

Price: $29.95


2. Telestrations is like telephone + Pictionary.

"Brought this to a family dinner and it was great—the teens even sat through numerous rounds with us. That's saying a lot since they usually abandon us the minute dinner is over to go out and hang with their friends." - S. Hart

For 4-8 players.

Price: $23.44

4. Monopoly Here & Now is like Monopoly that doesn't take a billion hours to actually finish.

BuzzFeed worked with Milton Bradley to create this unique twist on the old classic that includes several new cities and rules that make it much more efficient.

"We actually got through the whole game without someone getting mad." - Laura Newton

Price: $14.99

5. Werewolf is like Mafia but with fantasy characters and a cute carrying case.

"Everyone was keen to purchase their own deck by the end of the night, both for themselves and for their friends & families for the holidays." - Casey Hopkins

For 7-20+ players, takes 30 minutes to play.

Price: $24.99

6. Funemployed takes the worst part of job interviews and makes them hilarious instead of terrifying.

"My personal opinion of party games is pretty low. On the other hand, I love this game! Now I'm no longer "that guy that won't play Apples to Apples." - Mike Chuck

Price: $24.99


7. Monikers is like Celebrity + Taboo.

"If you're the sort of person who gets a kick out of seeing your friends roll around on the floor in an attempt to impersonate a walrus, this is the game for you!" - Adam P. Meagher

For 4-16+ players, takes 30-60 minutes to play.

Price: $25

9. We Didn't Playtest This at All is more about having weird, nonsensical, quick-moving fun than following the "rules."

"We only stopped playing when we started falling over from fatigue. This game is addicting, stupid, humiliating in the oddest ways and guaranteed to make you question your political views." - Jeff B. Erwin

For 2-15 players, takes 1-5 minutes to play.

Price: $11.60

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