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    24 Questions Every Southerner Has For The North

    What part of "y'all" don't you understand?

    1. First things first: why do you say “on line” when you clearly mean “in line”???????

    2. What do you have against sweet tea?

    3. Why don’t you put ice in your drinks?

    Lukewarm is the devil’s temperature.

    4. Why don’t you realize that BBQ is a noun and a verb and a general way of life?

    5. How do you know which stuff is yours without monograms?

    6. Why do you pretend you are not cold?

    7. What do you have against wearing colors?

    8. Why don’t you talk to each other?

    9. Why does this even exist?

    10. Why do you say "soda" when you mean "coke"?

    11. Why do you say “dry heat” like it’s a good thing?

    12. Why is your hair so small?

    13. Why don't you care about college football?

    14. What do you have against going to church?

    15. Why do you call these Samoas? They are clearly Caramel Delights.

    And for the record, it's pronounced like this:

    16. Why do you call this a purse?

    17. And why do you call these fireflies?

    18. Why do you think a smile means I'm flirting with you?

    19. Where are your manners?

    20. Why do you pretend this is edible?

    21. Why does everyone act a fool when it rains?

    22. But yet when it snows you act like everything is fine until you're trapped?

    23. Why don't you know where The South is?

    24. And finally: what part of y'all don't you understand?

    It's not ya'll, it's y'all. And it means whoever I'm yelling at.