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21 Things You Never Knew You Could Donate

Clear your house and help someone in need.

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1. Bras

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* accepts old, new or gently used bras and lingere at over 50 drop-off locations throughout the country or by mail. The usable bras are donated to women's shelters and the rest are recycled into

* Free The Girls is a non-profit that collects used bras to help women affected by sex trafficking in Africa and Central America. They collect bras at many drop-off locations and by mail.

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2. Stuffed Animals

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* SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) collects gently used stuffed toys (as well as books, blankets and kids clothes) and sends them to police and fire departments for use during emergencies like fire, illness and extreme weather-events. Donations are accepted through chapter members listed here or by mail.

* Project Night-Night collects stuffed animals and other bed-time supplies like books and blankets to make packages for homeless children or children at risk of becoming homeless. They are currently accepting only new and like-new items, through drop-off in Michigan, Ohio and California or by mail to one of those locations.


4. Books

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* Prison Book Program sends books and reading material to inmates. They accept donations at their Massachusetts location or by mail. They also have a great list of other local prison book programs in other states.

* Operation Paperback directs books to troops overseas. Once you register with the non-profit, based in Pennsylvania, you can ship books directly overseas to addresses they provide.

5. CDs and DVDs

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* Discs for Dogs collects used CDs and DVDs to sell in their shop and donates 100% of the proceeds to the SPCA. They accept donations to locations in Western New York, or by mail.

* Kid Flicks collects used DVDs and makes movie libraries in children's hospitals around the country. They accept donations by mail.

* DVDs For Vets accepts DVDs and DVD players for wounded vets in rehabilitation. They accept donations to local VA centers or by mail.

6. Sneakers

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* One World Running collects new or used running shoes and sneakers. New and like-new sneakers are sent overseas to people in need, and used shoes are sent to Nike to be recycled into running tracks and playgrounds at schools. Donations are accepted at several drop-off locations and by mail.

7. Musical Instruments


* Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation sends new and used (but good-condition) band and orchestra instruments to school music programs. Donations are accepted by mail.

* Marching Mountains provides instruments to schools and children throughout Appalachia and Minnesota. Donations are accepted in the Twin Cities, Virginia, West Virginia and by mail.


8. Glasses


* New Eyes collects prescription glasses and sunglasses to send to medical missions and charities in developing nations. They accept donations by mail.

* Lions Club distributed prescription glasses to people in developing countries. Donations are accepted at Lions Club Recycling Centers nationwide and via mail.

9. Clothes

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* Dress for Success provides work-appropriate attire and career support to women all over the world. They have affiliate branches in over 150 cities, and they accept donations of business coordinates, bags and shoes in different methods by location in every state.

* Career Gear accepts donations of business clothes, shoes and accessories for men in poverty. Clothes are accepted at their donation center in NYC or by mail.

10. Bicycles

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* Bikes for the World collects bikes, bike parts and equipment to provide transportation and bike repair training to select institutions overseas. Donations are accepted at select retails stores on their collection schedule and by mail.

11. Computers

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* Gift My PC refurbishes old computers and donates them to groups like Wounded Warriors, schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and more. Donations and pick-up requests are accepted in Los Angeles, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Orange County, New York, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco. See more here.


14. Cell Phones


* Hopeline from Verizon takes donations of old cell phones from any carrier to support victims of domestic violence.

* Lifecell recylces donated cell phones and uses the proceeds to purchase Lifestraws to provide clean water throughout the world. Donations are accepted via mail.

15. Airline Miles & Hotel Points

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* Make A Wish Foundation takes airline mile and hotel point donations to provide travel to terminally ill children and their families. They can be donated through their website.

* Unicef accepts American Airlines miles to support children's charities and the U.S. fund for Unicef. Donations are accepted through your American Airlines account.


18. Yarn

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* uses donated yarn and volunteer knitters to make handmade goods for children across the country. Donations of yarn, needles and books are accepted by mail.