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18 Winter Car Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Stop scraping ice every morning and start using these tips.

1. Raise your wipers at night and cover them with socks to prevent them from freezing to your window.

2. Frozen lock? Use a straw and blow on the lock to melt the ice.

3. Or, use a lighter to heat the car key and slide it into the lock.

4. Shaving cream works to fog-proof your car.

5. You can also use a stocking or sock filled with cat litter to prevent frost.

6. Use cooking spray on the rubber edges of your car doors to keep them from freezing shut.

7. Never use hot water to melt ice on your windows.

8. Invest in a good ice scraper.

9. Use a credit card as a DIY ice scraper in a pinch.

10. If your car is covered in pure ice, just give the hood of your car an open faced smack.

11. If you roll your windows down and there's still ice, you can always try this badass trick.

12. Put gallon-sized plastic bags over your mirrors at night to prevent them from freezing over.

13. Clean your lights with toothpaste for extra brightness.

14. The penny test will tell you when it's time to get new tires.

15. Keep a 20-pound bag of kitty litter in your trunk to give your back end extra weight.

16. If your tires are stuck, use cardboard to help them get traction.

17. Vinegar + water makes a cheap DIY de-icer blend.

18. Keep a pair of old socks in your glove compartment to wear OVER your shoes.

If you do get stuck in your car in a snowstorm, check out these tips for how to stay safe and warm.