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    17 Diagrams To Help You Get Turnt

    ♫ Shots, shots, shots, shots shot shots ♫


    1. Every type of wine glass.

    2. Wine + Chipotle = A wonderful evening

    See the rest of the chart at Bustle.

    3. Wine flavor cheat sheet.


    From Grape & Grain co.

    4. How Champagne is made.

    5. Wine and chips (and Netflix)

    6. How much booze do you need?

    via HomeAway


    7. Eight shades of beer.

    8. Beer + cheese (minus everything else = heaven)

    9. Beer and snaxxx

    10. Every type of beer glass. Especially the Boot.

    11. Beer for lighter moments.


    12. Whiskey flow chat.

    13. All things martini.

    For this chart, you can actually buy a big pretty version and hang it on the wall, via Pop Chart Lab.

    14. Four types of Hot Toddy.

    15. Wintertime magic.

    Five Letter Design

    16. All of the shots.

    17. How to manhattan.

    This pretty diagram unfortunately makes it look like the drink is a third bitters, which is hilarious. But try it that way, see what happen to your mouth? Then if you'd like to make a manhattan correctly, the ratio is 2 ounces whiskey, 2 ounces vermouth, 2 dashes bitters.