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32 Amazingly Useful Websites Every Woman Needs To Bookmark

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1. Midomi tells you what song is stuck in your head just by listening to you hum.

2. Doodle lets you plan a get together with even your flakiest friends.

3. Get Raised shows you when and how to ask for a raise.

4. Priv Note lets you send notes that self-destruct after being read.

5. Vagenda is the best women's magazine you've never heard of.

6. Infinite Ron Swanson is exactly what it sounds like.

7. Savvy Auntie shows you how to spoil other people's kids.

8. Very Short List is a short and sweet daily roundup of things you'll want to read.

9. Fashion Infographics has a chart for every fashion thing you've ever wondered about.

10. Food Gawker has the best recipe porn from all over the web.

11. What Should I Read Next gives you reading suggestions based on books you've liked.

12. Jade Beall is a photographer whose work highlights women of every age and size feeling comfortable in their bodies.

13. Sleepy Ti.me helps you regulate your sleep cycle.

14. Women's Media Center is a platform and resource for elevating women's voices in the media.

15. Recipe Puppy lets you find a recipe based on what you have in your fridge.

16. UnPlugTheTV gives you short educational videos to watch when you're feeling the need to veg.

17. Retail Me Not has coupons for every store ever.

18. Avoid Humans shows you which bars and restaurants around you are the least crowded.

19. The Toast is the where funny smart women write things for other funny and smart women.

20. The Middle Finger Project is a site for growing your business and growing your nerve.

21. My Colortopia lets you upload a photo to see what your room would look like with any paint color.

22. Threadflip is an online thrift store where you can buy or sell used clothes.

23. Operation Beautiful is a site aimed at ending women and girls' negative thoughts about their bodies.

24. Coursera gives you access to millions of free internet classes on any topic.

25. Blog Her aggregates content from diverse writers around the world.

26. Cooking for Engineers is for analytical minds who want a different way to learn about food science.

27. Eat the Damn Cake is a blog about self-acceptance (and also cake).

28. Design*Sponge Biz Ladies shows you how successful creative women got where they are today.

29. Zen Habits has great advice on how to de-stress every part of your life.

30. 3-Minute Journal lets you write a short entry each day and gauge your mood across time using keywords.

31. Kiva is a micro-loaning site where you can loan $25 to women and men all over the world to help with their small business.

32. Eel Slap lets you get your misandrist aggression out anytime you want.