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14 Cheap And Easy Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring

Flowers! Sunshine! Allergies!

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Here are a 14 cheap and easy ways to put some spring in your step.


7. Spring clean your closet.

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You haven't seen your warm-weather clothes for months, so who knows what treasures you might find when you re-organize your closet. Plus, when your clothes are easily accessible it's easier to visualize new combinations. Get some room-making slim hangers here.

8. Cut it out.

Cut-out clothes are all the rage this spring. What better way to feel the breeze? But you don't have to pay more money for less fabric. Learn how to DIY some cutout styles here.

9. Get casual.

This spring's trends are all about layers, comfy pants, soft colors and fabrics. It's all very frumpterable.

11. Spritz on the florals.

Swap out your winter musk with a bright floral scent. If you're set on your smell, many brands offer lighter versions of their signature scents. Some of the most popular floral fragrances are listed here.


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