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27 Valentine's Day Gifts You Should Buy For Yourself

Because you are your one true love.

1. This all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker.

2. These socks with an important tip about love.

Get them here.

3. A sloth sleep mask.

4. This Saint Tina Belcher candle.

5. This shirt that knows hungry > thirsty.

6. Smiling toast hand warmers.

7. This fashion fact tee.

8. A dinosaur wine stopper.

9. The best avocado toast ever.

10. These necklaces to Shut. It. Down.

Get them here.

11. A wishing jar.

12. Hedgehog Slippers

13. A book about the only food that matters.

14. This wall hanging that is done.

15. The scent of the 1%.

16. A scented chocolate chip cookie pillow.

17. Petrossian Champagne-filled chocolate.

18. These bags that let you make grilled cheese in a toaster.

19. A re-affirming pillow.

20. This Motivational Poster

21. A bouquet of kittens or unicorns.

Natch. Get it here.

22. This mug that corrected its mistake.

23. An official Champagne saber.

24. An entire box of cake truffles.

25. An entire cake.

26. A goldfish bowl that also grows herbs.

27. This mug that actually isn't sorry.