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    These DIY Magnetic Jar Holders Will Save You So Much Cabinet Space

    And they're super easy to make!

    Do you have a lot of small things taking up room in your cabinets and drawers?


    Have no fear! These incredibly easy magnetic jars are about to change your cabinets forever.

    Here's What You'll Need:

    - Small Jars

    - A Metal Bracket

    - Super Strong Magnets

    - Rubber Cement

    - Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

    First, use the rubber cement to attach a magnet to the top of each jar.


    Let them dry overnight.

    Then, put a strip of mounting tape along the full length of your bracket.


    The size bracket you need depends on how many jars you want to store, and how long your cabinets are. This tape should be strong enough to hold pretty much anything you can fit in the tiny jars.

    Then, just mount the bracket wherever you want the jars to go, and hang 'em up!


    And now you've got tons of extra space, wherever you need it!