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These Are The Coolest Running Outfits You've Ever Seen

U.S. track star Maggie Vessey is putting the "run" in "runway."

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Maggie Vessey might not be a household name (yet) but in the running world she's making waves not only for her speed but also for her style.

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Formerly sponsored by New Balance, the medium-distance runner has been known in recent years for wearing some unconventional running gear.

Instead of the traditional singlet-and-brief, Vessey has teamed up with several L.A. designers to create custom suits.

Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

"On this particular outfit," Vessey told Runner's World, "I worked with Merlin Castell on the pattern, sample and prototype, and with Corena Gibson on creating the custom Navajo print."

Maggie Vessey (@maggievessey) with the commanding win and flashy outfit at #stanfordinvite.


Maggie Vessey (@maggievessey) with the commanding win and flashy outfit at #stanfordinvite.

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"I do want to draw attention to the sport and maybe get people who aren't necessarily interested in track and field to give them a reason to be interested," she said.

"It is a very authentic expression of who I am, and I now have this opportunity to be able to put that out there, be bold, and take a risk."

You can see a full look book of Vessey's outfits here, and keep up with her here.

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