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This Is How You Make A Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt

There's no pink ribbons involved, but this new line from designer Piper Gore gets at the heart of what Breast Cancer Awareness is all about: the women who are fighting it.

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When Allison W. Gryphon was first diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she remembers opening up her bathroom cabinet and seeing the ‘Breast Cancer Pink” hair dryer she had bought the year before. / Via

Back then, it had felt like a great purchase: she was buying something she needed and helping fight cancer at the same time. And then the irony hit: she wouldn’t have hair to use that blow dryer during her actual cancer treatment for a long time.

While many things in her life and body changed without her control, Gryphon struggled to find clothing that not only fit with her limited range of motion and constantly changing needs, but also made her feel beautiful.

"Sometimes it seems shallow to say I want to feel pretty while I am going through breast cancer treatments but it's really important," she told NBC4. "It's powerful to feel normal."


That’s when she teamed up with fashion designer Piper Gore to create “The Fighter T,” a stylish T-shirt that is designed with several simple-looking features that are significant to those going through the many transformations of a cancer fight.

The shirt, which itself is a stylish and trendy piece for any woman, is made with soft comfortable and loose-fitting fabric that can hide post-surgery drainage pipes, a zipper that is lined for comfort but makes it easier to remove for doctor’s appointments, and a flattering waist cut that still feels feminine.

100% of the proceeds go back into the process of making more shirts and expanding the line to full collection in 2015.

Lolita Lopez, reporter for NBC4 Los Angeles, wore the Fighter T during her own cancer treatment. / Via Facebook: media

The tees are $75 for friends, family and other fashionistas and $55 for cancer fighters. You can buy one one for yourself, for someone you know, or you can buy one that Gryphon’s Why? Foundation will donate to a fighter in need.

Facebook: media

“I really just strive to encourage all of us,” Gryphon said, “myself included, to look more closely at the individual cancer fighters that breast cancer month fights for and remember that for those fighters, the medical staff, the friends, family and caregivers, every month is breast cancer month.”

To learn more about the foundation or to purchase a Fighter T, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

For clarification: some of Gryphon's quotes from this story were taken from an interview with NBC4 Los Angeles's Lolita Lopez, who is also a cancer patient pictured wearing the Fighter T.