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This Insane Beach Cooler Will Blow Your Damn Mind

The Coolest cooler project has raised almost $4 million on Kickstarter in six days. And we can see why.

Coolers are a utility. They're boring. They're whatever. Or at least, they were until Ryan Grepper decided to change the game forever.

Behold: The Coolest cooler, a Kickstarter project that was already in the 20 most funded projects the site's ever had by the fifth day. The page calls it "a portable party disguised as a cooler," which seems hyperbolic until you read what this cooler can do.

The Coolest has a waterproof wireless music player.

It has a USB charger for your phone.

It has a light so you can see which beer you're getting in the dark.

It has a bottle opener that also holds the caps for you.

It has plastic plates stored upside down so you can use them as a cutting board with the rust-proof picnic knife that's also included.

It has split storage so you can put food/drinks in one side and ice in the other but still keep them both cool.

Other features include beach tires, a bungee cord with lock down ties so you can use the cooler as a dolly to transport all your other towels, umbrellas, chairs, etc.

And, most importantly, it has a rechargable blender. Built right into the lid of the cooler.


Backers who contribute at least $165 will get one of the new versions, which are estimated to ship in February 2015.

This model is actually the second iteration of the project, which failed to raise enough money on the platform when Grepper first tried last winter. The original goal for this round was $50,000, but the project already has nearly $4 million with over 19,000 backers and 47 days to go. If the momentum continues, it could be one of the highest funded projects ever.

See the video and learn more about the project on Kickstarter or check out their Facebook page.

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