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    24 Things You Should Never Keep In A Clear Purse

    Unless you want to be robbed, mocked or arrested, that is.

    Clear purses are popping up everywhere this spring.

    From retail to red carpets.

    But there are a few things you probably shouldn't keep in them.

    1. Your Social Security Card

    2. Your Weed

    3. Certain Medications

    4. Tampons

    5. Loose Ca$h

    Sorry, Kaley Cuoco.

    6. Your Secret Chicken Cutlets

    7. Actual Chicken Cutlets

    8. A Gun-Shaped Lighter

    9. Hampsters

    10. A Machete

    11. Extra Taco Bell Sauce Packets

    12. Your Vibrator

    13. A Neti Pot

    14. Spiders

    15. A Grenade

    16. Gold Bars

    17. A Lice Comb

    18. A Signed Nickelback Album

    19. Porn

    20. Extra Hair Extensions

    21. Used Tissues

    22. Tiny Animal Bones

    23. Rat Poison

    24. Poo-Pourri

    Then again...who cares?