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These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home

Interior design cheat sheets FTW.

1. Types of Doors

2. The Colors of Hardwood

3. Kinds of Moulding

4. Tile Patterns

5. Antique Chair Back Styles

6. Antique Leg Styles

7. Yardage for Stool Upholstery

8. Yardage for Sofa Upholstery

9. Yardage for Chair Upholstery

10. Seating Capacities for Dining Tables

11. Sofa Shapes and Their Names

12. Headboard Shapes

13. Common Furniture Sizes

14. Common Dimensions

15. Indoor Plant Guide

16. Mantel Decor Diagram

17. Pillow Style Inspiration

18. Bed Styling Diagram

19. Lamp Shade Styles

20. How to Hang Curtains

21. Window Covering Styles

22. Print Size Guide

23. Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

24. Hanging Style Diagnostic

25. Staircase Gallery Layouts

26. Bedroom Rug Size Guide

27. Dining Room Rug Size Guide

28. Living Room Rug Size Guide

29. The Psychology of Colors

30. House Paint Color Matching Guide

31. Color Undertone Guide

32. Paint Finish Guide

33. Lampshade Types & How To Measure

34. Lightswitch Styles

35. Types of Lightbulbs

36. Home Lighting 101

37. Types of Screws

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