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    15 Themed Races That You'll Actually Want To Run

    These colors do run. For a doughnut.

    1. Bad Prom Run

    At Bad Prom, you can relive your worst high school memories while also burning calories. Run through four light-up-the-night prom themes along the course, complete with killer soundtrack and photo ops galore. Don't forget the prom-themed dance party at the finish line.

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    2. The Tofurkey Trot

    Leave it to Portland to have a vegan-friendly version of the traditional Thanksgving Day Turkey Trot. This 5k (3.1 miles) is a run, trot, or walk open to all levels of physical fitness, benefitting local groups that support a plant-based diet.

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    3. The Wicked Wine Run

    This laid-back track that started in several Texas vineyards includes a 5k run with celebratory vino or a 1k with four tastings along the way. Races coming soon to Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee and NYC. Costumes and fun are encouraged, wine snobs are not.

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    4. The NYC Pizza Run

    In this annual challenge participants aim to complete a 2.25 mile run while stopping to eat three slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the course. Carbo loading is always better with cheese. Prizes include more pizza and bar tabs. Like all good NYC events, there's even an after party.

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    5. The Color Run

    Similar to the Spring festival of Holi, color run participants wear white and are covered in colorful powder throughout the race. The self-described "Happiest 5K on the Planet" takes place in multiple cities and has become the single biggest event series in the U.S. since it started in 2012.

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    6. The Boston Urban Idiotorama

    Loosely based on the famous Alaskan dog sled race, replace the dogs with people, the sleds with shopping carts, add in team themes, costumes, contests and a food drive and you get the Boston Urban Idiotorama. Teams of 4-6 "dogs" (people) push a shopping cart between various Boston checkpoints (bars) during which there are drinks, dancing and talent contests. The path is approximately 3.5 miles with mandatory 20 minute breaks at each stop.

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    7. Walt Disney Fun Run

    Held during the same weekend as the full Disney Marathon this family-friendly 5k is held at the Walt Disney Resort. Family members of all ages and experience levels are invited to share a course with all your favorite Disney characters.

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    8. The Electric Run

    It's like a rave, but in race form. And with (hopefully) fewer controlled substances. In addition to a race shirt, participants receive a glow stick, glow bracelet and glow sunglasses. Mood lighting and dancing lights are set to DJ-tunes along the nighttime 5k route, followed by a full-on dance party at the Finish Celebration.

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    9. The Krispy Kreme Challenge

    Yes, that Krispy Kreme. Started in December 2004 as a dare between NC State undergraduate students, this race now in its 10th year epitomizes the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude. 2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour. Yes, please.

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    10. The R.O.C. Race

    The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5k is a game show-inspired obstacle run featuring 12 larger than life obstacles including the infamous Wrecking Ball and the World’s Largest Inflatable Water Slide. The race is held in over 30 cities in the US and Canada.

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    11. The 5k Foam Fest

    Gameface Media / Via Facebook: 5kFoamFest

    This "Funcore" 5k race includes obstacles, mud, foam and water. In addition to the muddy run, the full festival includes other foam-tastic events for those that don't want to tackle the course. Events for 2014 are planned in over 30 cities.

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    12. The Hot Chocolate Race

    Each Hot Chocolate Race features both a 15k (9.3miles) and 5k (3.1miles) event. The Hot Chocolate portion begins at the Post Race Party where runners can enjoy music, a finisher’s mug filled with hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and tasty dippable treats. No wonder they call it America's sweetest race.

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    13. The Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run

    The first all-female 5k is a 5k muddy race course with lady-themed obstacles like PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff), Utopian Tubes and Runaway Bride. Happening in 25 cities, the event works together with charity Bright Pink to raise money for breast cancer research.

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    14. The Twinkie Run

    This Ann Arbor April Fools' Day 5k tradition is a fundraiser for Active Against ALS, a nonprofit that supports research on Lou Gehrig's Disease. Optional Twinkie eating begins at mile 1.5 and a homemade Twinkie contest tops it off at the end.

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    15. The 5k Bare Dare

    Runners in Land O'Lakes florida don't feel the need for costumes or team t-shirts. In fact, they don't need clothes at all. The 5k Bare Dare is a scenic route along Caliente resort, an upscale nudist destination, where clothing is optional. Sunscreen, however, is highly recommended.

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