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13 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong

Based on this Quora thread.

Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

1. Drying Your Hands


If you're using more than one paper towel to dry your hands or counter, you're doing it wrong. Instead, FOLD the paper towel length-wise (remember hot-dog folds vs. hamburger folds) and use that one piece to dry.

The double layers allow for ~interstitial suspension~ of the water. In normal English that just means that the water is drawn in between the two layers of towel instead of going back onto your hands or the thing you're trying to dry.

2. Pooping

According to several studies, pooping on a Western toilet is super bad for your bowels. But you don't have to crouch on a hole or next to a tree to get the benefits of a correctly angled rectum. Instead, use a step stool to make your body into the correct shape while still on the ceramic throne you're used to.

Your butthole will thank you (by not getting hemorrhoids).

3. Adjusting Your Rear-View Mirrors

When you adjust your side mirrors, usually you turn them so that you can see the back sliver of your car and think you're good to go. But you already know where the back of your car is: it's right behind you!! Instead, turn your mirrors until just after your car disappears from view and you can almost eliminate those pesky and dangerous blind spots.

4. Peeling Potatoes

Using a peeler to get your potatoes naked is fine if you hate your time. But if you want to do this magic seen above, boil your taters FIRST, then pop them in an ice water bath for a mere five seconds and the skin will slide right off.

5. Cracking Eggs

Cracking an egg on the side of a bowl usually leaves little shells on the raw egg that are a pain to remove. Instead, gently tap the egg on the counter or a cutting board and then use both hands to pull the two sides apart. No more shell pieces!

6. Flushing

Ozgurkeser / Getty Images

If you're flushing with the lid up, guess where all those particles and germs are going when they're stirred up by the swirling action? Into the air! On your body! On your toothbrush, probably!

Save yourself the extra microbes by putting the lid down BEFORE you pull the handle.

7. Eating Pizza / Via

There is nothing quite as devastating to a hungry drunk as lifting a piping hot slice to your face only to have the good stuff fall off. Prevent this travesty by bending the edges of your pizza enough to create a U shape (DO NOT FOLD IT ALL THE WAY YOU MONSTER) that will keep those toppings taut. There's actually a fancy mathematical equation that explains this technique, but the only proof we need is toppings that stay on the pizza and not in our laps.

8. Opening Plastic Packaging

Trying to use scissors to open blister packages is a frustrating and sometimes dangerous ordeal. Instead, just use a can opener!

And if you want to change the rest of your can-opening moments for the better, do yourself a favor and get THIS can opener.

9. Pouring From a Carton

When you pour anything from a carton, your instinct is to put the spout close to the glass. But actually, this method results in a floppy splashy pour stream. Instead, turn the carton upside down and hold the flap down flat for a smooth pour.

10. Unloading Soda Cans

And by soda we mean beer. Instead of putting each one into the fridge or putting the whole box in, just open both sides, put the box inside, and use your hand to push all the cans out in a neat stack.

11. Holding a Burger / Via

If you want to keep the innards of your burger inside the burger, you gotta whip out those pinkies. Scientists actually found this method to be the most effective way to hold a burger. And burger science is the best science.

12. Drying Cups & Bowls{ifpla:17588969}{ifpe:27500988}&ci_sku=10052488&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=40-108104588-2&utm_source=channelintellig

When you put concave dishes face down to dry, gravity helps the water leave, sure, but then it has nowhere to go. This can give dishes and drying mats a mildewy smell that is not ideal. Instead, just put your cups and bowls face up (or for wine glasses, lying on their sides) and you'll have dry dishes in no time with no extra scents.

13. Beat Boxing

Instead of trying to pretend your mouth is an instrument, just say certain words or phrases repetitively that make those same sounds. Try "Baboons and Pigs" or "Bouncing Cats." Check out this video for more clever phrases.

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