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    Snoop Dogg Made A Candle And It Doesn't Smell Like Weed

    BuzzFeedLife talked to the mogul about his favorite scents and why he would never want a weed-scented candle.

    Snoop Dogg, whose business ventures have included everything from apps to investing in Reddit, now has his own line of scented candles.

    The candles, part of his Broadus Family Collection, are being launched on the crowd-funding site Tilt. The limited edition candles are available in White Rose and Baby Powder scent.

    "Going in to the home decor business, I wanted strong scents that would appeal to everyone. White Rose appeals to the ladies and Baby Powder…who doesn’t love that so clean scent? I made a limited amount of these candles, it’s about quality and luxury," Snoop told BuzzFeed Life. "I like the smell of anything clean and classic … hand me my baby powder I’m finna be on TV."

    When we asked if he was coming for Martha's home decor empire game, he said they' keep it real.


    "Martha’s my home girl," Snoop said. "I’m not looking to take over her territory. But best believe I got more in the Broadus Family Collection in the works."

    Admittedly disappointed in the lack of a certain signature scent, we asked if there would ever be a 420-line in the Broadus family.

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    "That’d be pretty dope. But why mask it when you can enjoy it! More states legalized it this week, I got nothing to hide…I’m looking atchu Alaska and DC."

    If you're in the market for a Baby Powder-scented candle, check them out here.