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    42 Compliments That Are Actually Insulting

    TL;DR: It's not a compliment if it has a qualifier.

    1. You're so cool, you're like a dude in a girl's body.

    2. You're so much prettier/taller/nicer in person.

    3. You look good for your age.

    4. I love how you just don't care what you look like.

    5. You look nothing like your pictures.

    6. If I was drunk I'd be all over you.

    7. Wow, you're really good at that for a _______.

    8. Wow, you're cool for a __________.

    9. Wow, you're pretty for a __________.

    10. You're so funny for a _________.

    11. You look so pretty when you smile.

    12. You look great today.

    13. Wow, that shirt/bag/thing you're doing is so YOU.

    14. You're so _____, how are you still single?

    15. I don't even think of you as a [gender/race/sexual identity].

    16. You don't act like a [gender/race/sexual identity].

    17. You clean up so well!

    18. You look so pretty with straight/curly hair!

    19. You carry your weight well.

    20. You know... you might not be much to look at in today's day and age, but in my day we'd have painted you on the side of a plane! *real thing old men say

    21. You have such a great personality.

    22. Wow, you're looking thin! Have you been working out?

    23. Your hair looks so good. Is it different?

    24. You look so good! What's different about you?

    25. Oh, you look much better with your short/long hair now!

    26. You look so good tonight, did you put makeup on?

    27. I'm so glad you wear dresses now, you look like such a lady!

    28. Wow, you should really wear makeup more often.

    29. You've filled out so nicely!

    30. I love your womanly curves.

    31. Wow, I didn't know round faces could pull off short/long/dark/light hair!

    32. You should wear things that fit more often.

    33. I could never wear/do/act the way you do.

    34. You're so brave for wearing/doing/being that.

    35. Your skin looks better!

    36. You're like a whole different person with makeup!

    37. You look so pretty today! Is it your birthday or something?

    38. You look beautiful...did you do something different to your eyebrows?

    39. You looked so nice with your long hair!

    40. You don't look old enough to have ______.

    41. You look just like [person much older or weird looking].

    42 And finally, literally anything that starts: Don't take this the wrong way...