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This Girl Is Taking Mirror Selfies To A Whole New Level

Using markers and a little creativity, Instagrammer @mirrorsme is upping the selfie game.

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Meet Helene Meldahl, aka @mirrosme, the girl who is putting her doodles to good use. / Via Helene Meldahl

Hailing from Norway and now living in Washington, D.C., Helene is a born doodler. / Via Helene Meldahl

She's gotten attention for clever Instagram selfies like these. / Via Helene Meldahl

The mirrors drawings started, she told BuzzFeed, because she used to write cute messages to her roommates with lipstick on their mirrors. / Via Helene Meldahl

"At the time I was writing my bachelor thesis in entrepreneurship," she said, "and I guess it was some sort of procrastination." / Via Helene Meldahl

"I have this skill that if I am bored, I just let my mind drift off, and start thinking about fun, creative things instead. (I have made it to tons of boring dinner parties this way.)"

They started out small... / Via Helene Meldahl

...and have gotten increasingly more elaborate. / Via Helene Meldahl

"It varies how long it takes — it depends on the drawing. Some take 20 minutes, others more. I just kind of get lost in it and enjoy it." / Via Helene Meldahl

The drawings are all made by hand with chalk, Posca markers, and acrylic markers. / Via Helene Meldahl

She's tackled everything from pop culture... / Via Helene Meldahl Disney... / Via Helene Meldahl insomnia... / Via Helene Meldahl music... / Via Helene Meldahl

#theLumineers morality. / Via Helene Meldahl

"I have always needed some kind of activity to channel my thoughts and creativity," she said. / Via Helene Meldahl

"I guess I feel as though I invent a little 'stage in the mirror.' I know it might sound weird, but for me it was the only natural thing to do — to draw on my bathroom mirror... Why not, right?"

Follow Helene on Instagram and check out all her mirror selfies here. / Via Helene Meldahl
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