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    Nicholas Sparks Has A Furniture Collection For Some Reason

    And yet, love letters from Noah Calhoun are still not available for purchase.

    Nicholas Sparks, romance-writing machine and inventor of everyone’s dream boyfriend Noah Calhoun, is now in the furniture design business because of #synergy.

    New Line Cinema

    The collection, exclusive to Sam’s Club, is based on his upcoming novel The Longest Ride, and will be featured in the upcoming movie adaptation of the film because that’s how branding works.

    In case you were wondering what this has to do with writing or being an author, there is a Solid Wood Writing Desk, with decorative metal ties.

    There’s also a bookcase where you can put your own tear-stained copies of Nights in Rodanthe.

    Still, we would be much more interested in this collection if there were other things included...

    New Line Cinema /

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