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16 Ways To Tuck, Tie, Roll, And Twist Your Clothes Like A Stylist

Master the art of the casual sleeve roll.

1. Casually tuck your shirt in with this trick.

See more at The Cut.

2. This also works for a longer sweater.

3. For a lighter sweater or straight-bottom top, try this asymmetrical tuck.

4. This is how you get a J. Crew-esque sleeve roll.

Jenna Lyons, whose casually cool J. Crew style is always rolled to perfection, says instead of rolling from the bottom you lift the whole sleeve to the elbow, then roll once up leaving the cuff peeking out. Watch the full video here.

5. This trick also works well for layering a cardigan and a button up.

See more here.

6. Use this trick to make any jeans work with your boots.

7. Use a shirt or jacket tied around your waist as a peplum.

Nadia Aboulhosn /

This strategy can accentuate your waist, add an additional texture or color to your outfit palette, and also give you something to put on if it gets cold! Triple threat.

8. Only tuck one side of a button up in for a super casual feel.

9. Instead of multiple rolls, cuff up your jeans only once.

J. Crew

It looks effortless and you won't have to get your too-long jeans tailored.

10. Or, try the eighties-inspired peg roll.

11. Use this trick for wearing a belt over a tucked-in shirt

Tie the shirt at your waist and then tuck the knot, that way it doesn't look too tight. Full directions here.

12. Before you tie your shirts and sweaters, tug them over to the side.

It will make it easier. Get the full tutorial here.

13. If you're tucking a shirt in all the way, lift your arms all the way up afterwards.

This will un-tuck the perfect amount of fabric. See more here.

14. To accentuate (or fake) an hourglass shape, tuck a shirt all the way into an a-line skirt.

More tips on this look here.

15. Knotting your shirt at the waist can sometimes be more flattering than a full tuck.

16. Belt a long scarf over a dress to elongate your body.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

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