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16 Ways To Tuck, Tie, Roll, And Twist Your Clothes Like A Stylist

Master the art of the casual sleeve roll.

1. Casually tuck your shirt in with this trick.

2. This also works for a longer sweater.

3. For a lighter sweater or straight-bottom top, try this asymmetrical tuck.

4. This is how you get a J. Crew-esque sleeve roll.

5. This trick also works well for layering a cardigan and a button up.

See more here.

6. Use this trick to make any jeans work with your boots.

7. Use a shirt or jacket tied around your waist as a peplum.

8. Only tuck one side of a button up in for a super casual feel.

9. Instead of multiple rolls, cuff up your jeans only once.

10. Or, try the eighties-inspired peg roll.

11. Use this trick for wearing a belt over a tucked-in shirt

12. Before you tie your shirts and sweaters, tug them over to the side.

13. If you're tucking a shirt in all the way, lift your arms all the way up afterwards.

14. To accentuate (or fake) an hourglass shape, tuck a shirt all the way into an a-line skirt.

15. Knotting your shirt at the waist can sometimes be more flattering than a full tuck.

16. Belt a long scarf over a dress to elongate your body.

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