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    33 Tricks To Make A Rainy Day Suck Less

    Bring on the April showers.


    1. If you get caught in a downpour, running will actually keep you drier.

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    According to Professor of Engineering Franco Bocci, running will actually minimize your contact with rain drops. See more about the study here.

    2. Always wear thin socks if you think your feet will get wet.

    It may seem like thick socks would keep you cozier, but thin socks actually absorb less water, which means they'll dry out quicker if they do get wet.

    These DryMax socks are breathable which means the socks AND your feet dry faster.

    3. If you know it's going to rain, bring extra socks.

    Wet socks are the second worst thing that rain can do to you (after wet jeans). Get these cuties here.

    4. Broken umbrella? Just get some wire!

    Enamel wire can fix any sad broken arm on your cheap umbrella. Get the instructions here.

    5. Fix cracked or leaky rubber boots with caulk.

    For more textured boots, like the above, try Freesole. Otherwise you can use silicone rubber caulk that dries clear.

    6. For men who don't want to wear full-on rainboots, these go over your regular shoes.

    The classy way to beat the weather. Get them here.

    7. Compression shorts will reduce chafing.

    Perfect for wearing under jeans if they might get wet, or when you're running in the rain. Get these here.

    8. Make sure all your leather and suede shoes are waterproof.

    You never know when you'll be caught in a shower. This simple spray lets you be prepared for anything (water related, at least.)

    9. Even if you don't usually, use a little hairspray on rainy or humid days.

    Juandarien / Getty Images

    It will add a layer of protection between your hair and the ~elements~.

    10. These genius boots fold up and fit in your bag.

    So you don't have to be wearing rain boots all day even when it stops raining. Get them here.

    11. Make this DIY boot tray to avoid tracking water all through your house.

    All the supplies are from the dollar store! Instructions here.

    12. Get a waterproof phone case to prevent disaster.

    This one is a pocket so you don't have to switch out your everyday case. Get it here.

    13. Check your treds.

    Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

    If you're wondering how well your favorite shoes will fare in the rain, the secret to good traction is having grooves deeper than 1 millimeter. That way water can flow inside the grooves instead of making you slip.


    14. Put newspaper in your shoes to dry them out.

    It might take a little longer than using a dryer, but it won't crack the shoes or change their shape like hot air would.

    15. Always pack a microfiber towel.

    It's perfect for pat-drying hair, and letting your wet socks dry out quickly. Just wring the socks out in the cloth or lay then out to dry on top of it. Get this one here.

    16. Or you could spring for this portable dryer.

    Perfect for rainy days or vacations. Get it here.

    17. If you want to be EXTRA prepared, these "super dry" gloves dry your hair even faster.

    Really anything you can do to reduce drying time will reduce frizz. Bonus: these can double as a halloween costume. Get them here.

    18. You can always use this method in a pinch.

    19. If you realize too late that you've got flyaways, a little hand lotion will do the trick.

    Just rub a tiny bit on your palms and finger-comb through your hair.

    20. Blotting papers will dry off your face without ruining your makeup.

    Get these here.

    21. In a pinch, you can also use a (clean!) toilet seat cover.

    Or tissue paper, recycled napkins (like the kind at Starbucks) or a coffee filter. See the directions here.

    22. If your phone does get wet, pop it in some rice.

    Or, you can also use a desiccant, aka those little bags of tiny balls that come in new shoes and clothes with pockets and are harmful if swallowed. You know, if you happen to have those lying around somewhere.


    23. Give your old rain boots a paint job makeover.

    24. Treat yourself to a fancy umbrella.

    Neil Hall CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: byneilhall

    Sure, black umbrellas blend in. But a bright colored one is less likely to get mixed up or accidentally taken. Plus, a little color on a dull day never hurt.

    25. Or a clear umbrella.

    That way you can actually see what and who is around you. Your fellow umbrellians will thank you.

    26. Or this Kraken umbrella which will make everything better.

    27. You can also use paint to upgrade your own umbrella.

    On the inside or the outside. Get the directions here.

    28. For super splashy days, get these boot cuffs to keep your feet extra cozy and cute.

    Available here.

    29. Harness the meditative power of the rain with this site, which brings the rain sounds right to your computer.

    The sound of rain > the feeling. Visit here.

    30. Make sure to get your Vitamin D!

    Lack of sunshine can affect your mood, but getting your Vitamin D from other places can be a real help. Check out some great ways to stock up here.

    31. Don't forget to take lots of pictures.

    Andrea Caligaris CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: pelakalikan

    The light during rainy day is often soft and diffused, which makes for great outdoor photos. Snap some 'grams to brighten your day.

    32. Move your workout inside.

    Exercise will also help boost your mood, which can be affected by gloomy weather. Check out this rainy day plan on PopSugar.

    33. The best way to prepare is knowing EXACTLY when it's going to rain.

    Our favorite weather apps for iPhone, Accuweather (Free, $4 for Platinum edition) and Dark Sky ($4) tell you down to the minute when rain will start and end.

    For Android, we like AccuWeather and Yahoo! Weather.

    Be careful out there.

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