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33 Tricks To Make A Rainy Day Suck Less

Bring on the April showers.

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1. If you get caught in a downpour, running will actually keep you drier.

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According to Professor of Engineering Franco Bocci, running will actually minimize your contact with rain drops. See more about the study here.


2. Always wear thin socks if you think your feet will get wet.

It may seem like thick socks would keep you cozier, but thin socks actually absorb less water, which means they'll dry out quicker if they do get wet.

These DryMax socks are breathable which means the socks AND your feet dry faster.


13. Check your treds.

Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

If you're wondering how well your favorite shoes will fare in the rain, the secret to good traction is having grooves deeper than 1 millimeter. That way water can flow inside the grooves instead of making you slip.


17. If you want to be EXTRA prepared, these "super dry" gloves dry your hair even faster.

Really anything you can do to reduce drying time will reduce frizz. Bonus: these can double as a halloween costume. Get them here.


22. If your phone does get wet, pop it in some rice.

Or, you can also use a desiccant, aka those little bags of tiny balls that come in new shoes and clothes with pockets and are harmful if swallowed. You know, if you happen to have those lying around somewhere.


24. Treat yourself to a fancy umbrella.

Neil Hall CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: byneilhall

Sure, black umbrellas blend in. But a bright colored one is less likely to get mixed up or accidentally taken. Plus, a little color on a dull day never hurt.

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