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13 Things That Are Actually Worth Splurging On

Put your money where your life is.

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Life! It's expensive!

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Furnishing your house and your adult life can really start to add up. So it's important to know which things are actually worth spending big bucks on and when the cheap version will get the job done. We teamed up with Michael Zhao and the other product experts at The Sweethome to see when spending a pretty penny may be worth it in the long run and which models they recommend.

1. Sheets

The average human will spend 26 years of their life sleeping, so the linens on your bed are definitely worth investing in. Truly great bed sheets are made with high quality cotton, which costs more than shorter staple material. The L.L.Bean’s 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets are tops, with superior sweat wicking, heat retention, and durability.

Get them here for $35-65 a set.

2. Aluminum Foil

It’s a bit more expensive than generics, but Reynolds Wrap’s thickness and malleability is far superior to cheaper brands. Out of 18 top-rated aluminum foils brands The Sweethome tested, Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty performed the best in the grill pack test and was the least likely to puncture.

Get it here for $8.


3. Wine Glasses

Wine in mason jars might be cute, but nothing beats the real deal to get the best aroma and flavor from your vino. After having an award-winning winemaker try the same wines out of 30 glasses, The Sweehome found that the Riedel Ouverture Magnum did the best job of presenting the widest variety of wines.

Get them here, $60 for a set of 8.

4. Trash Can

The one thing you’ll probably use with every meal you make is your trash can, so it’s worth investing in one with that’s hands free with a durable lid hinge and easy bag exchange. The 10 gallon Simplehuman trashcan’s time-tested lid-opening pedal, easy-to-line bucket, and great looks will last much longer than cheaper models.

Get it here for $130.

5. Scissors

Nothing is more annoying than having a pair of scissors that won't actually cut. (Except maybe a scissors package that require scissors to open.) The Kai 5210 Dressmaking Shears are well worth the money. They’re twice the price of the orange scissors you used in elementary school, but will give you a lifetime of super sharp stainless steel and vanadium blades with the most fluid cutting action we’ve ever felt.

Get them here for $20.

6. Can Opener

After testing 17 can openers, including a $5 supermarket bargain gadget, The Sweethome says this Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch is worth the extra cost. It has a magnet that keeps lids from falling through and doesn’t create sharp edges.

Get it here for $17.


7. Slippers

If you're going to wear a pair of house-slippers, you might as well go for some that are cozy enough for winter, but breathable enough for spring. After testing 14 top-rated pairs of slippers, The Sweethome recommends these Haflinger AT slippers for all seasons. They’re made of breathable boiled-wool, instead of hot sheepskin, and have sculpted latex soles for great arch support.

Get them here for $90.

8. Duct Tape

Duck tape can be used for anything: home repairs, car repairs, blister care, even fashion. For long-lasting strength and grip, skip the dollar store duct tape rolls and pay a few bucks more for Duck Max Strength Tape. This legit name-brand Duck Tape combines excellent flexibility and easy tearing with 62 pounds of material strength, so a doubled-up piece should be able to hold upwards of 120 pounds.

Get it here for $7.

9. Knife Holder

Knives are expensive, and storing them well makes them last longer AND take up less room in your kitchen. This 18” version from Benchcrafted is twice as much as plastic or metal options on Amazon or IKEA, but it won’t chip your blades.

Get it here for $48.

10. Dishwasher

When you're investing in new appliances, a good dishwasher is key to making your kitchen feel like a well-oiled machine. The Sweethome spent 50 hours researching and interviewing experts to determine that the Bosch 500 Series is the best dishwasher for most people. It's quieter than anything in its price range, can compete with $1000+ machines in rack space and loading flexibility, and is efficient enough to pay for itself over its lifespan in water and energy savings. And the best part: it works even better when you don't pre-rinse the dishes!

Get this model here for $810.


11. Stand Mixer

If you want a stand mixer, there’s no substitute for the classic Kitchenaid Artisan. After 16 hours researching and 30 hours testing, The Sweethome couldn't find anything better. It creams butter and sugar for cake and kneads dough without walking on the counter or straining the motor, unlike cheaper mixers.

Get it here for $310.

12. Blender

If you use a blender regularly, you know how important it is to really invest in one that will make smoothie-making a breeze. This Oster Versa blows cheaper blenders out of the water by pulverizing even raspberry seeds in smoothies and pureeing hot soups safely. The keys are a variable speed dial and a tamper to burst air pockets (usually only available with much more expensive machines).

Get it here for $200.

13. Dutch Oven

The key to tender stews and and well-seasoned beans is a hefty, heat-retaining Dutch oven—steel and aluminum pots can’t cook as low and slow. In The Sweethome's tests, this 6-quart Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven produced caramelized onions and rich beef stew just as well as the more expensive models.

Get it here for $65.