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    This Is How To Make Your Shed Into Your Own Private Bar

    You, too, can have a bar in your backyard.

    This is a pub shed.

    The concept is as simple as it is awesome...

    It's a backyard shed that was turned into a pub.

    They are all the rage on Pinterest, and for good reason: they are freaking awesome.

    Pub sheds can be large and elaborate...

    ...or small and simple.

    They can be classy and neutral...

    Or totally authentic.

    Obviously this is a dream DIY project. So we've rounded up exactly how you can create this amazing getaway spot mere feet from your own home.

    The most important thing you'll need: a shed.

    Barstools (or other seating) are also important.

    The ones on the left from IKEA will do the trick. Or you can go a little fancier.

    You'll need some light.

    Another requirement: booze.

    Don't forget the tip jar.

    And, you must give it a name.

    Get creative.

    The appropriate glassware will really class up the joint.

    You can't expect a proper pub shed-tender to serve lager in a pilsner glass?! Get every kind you need here.

    A wall-mounted bottle opener is very convenient.

    An accurate clock will do you some good.

    Retro bar signs set the mood.

    The best beer deserves the best mini fridge.

    You'll want some extra entertainment.

    Every respectable bar has coasters.

    Kegerators are not cheap, but they are worth it.

    Neon signs are the indicator of a truly badass bar.

    The "Miller High Light Light" is $225 from eBay and the Open is $80 from Amazon.

    This fryer makes crispy snacks without oil.

    Why would you watch TV anywhere else?

    Here's to Living Your Best Life!