19 Cozy Pet Beds That You Totally Want To Sleep In

I can haz snuggles?

1. This Awesome Sofa

Move over, frenchie. Available here.

2. The Snuggly Bed

This is literally called the “Snuggle Bed.” Want to go to there.

3. The Cutest Shark Tent Ever

Too. Much. Cute. Can’t. Deal. Buying. Now.

4. OMG This One

Get it here.

5. This Mid-century Meow-dern One

(Sorry.) Get it here.

6. This Luxury Nonsense

So much soft! See it here.

7. These Stacks on Stacks

Much style. Many naps. Buy here.

8. This Space-Age-Looking Square

Get it here.

9. This Good Egg

You’d be that happy too if your bed was a weird, cool egg. Get one here.

10. This Furry Thing

Get one here.


Whaaat? FUZZY EAR MONSTER. Also the bedrolls are cool. Get them here.

12. This Lounger

Available here.

13. This Wintery Wonder

Get it here.

14. This Sad Sack

Available here.

15. This Cozy Cup

Get it here.

16. This Beanie Bag

Get it here.

17. This Nautical Pillow

Get it here.

18. This Whole Amazing Situation

Get it here.

We’ll totally fit, right??

19. This Cozy Thing

A bed that’s also a hoodie, yes please. Get one here.

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