29 Perfectly Adorable Ways To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

Because it wouldn’t be your special day without your favorite member of the family.

1. Use your pet to propose.

Who could say no to that hairy mug?


3. Let them star in your Save the Dates.

Custom heart sign available here.

4. Include them in your engagement photos.

Carina Romano / Via

6. Or your wedding photos.

Kristyn Hogan / Via

12. Invite them to the ceremony.

Cara Romano / Via

13. Give them a special job, like sign holder.

14. Or Flower Girl escort.

Ira Lipkke / Via

15. Or ring bearer.

Bone necklace for sale here.

16. Carry your pet down the aisle instead of a bouquet.

Marianne Taylor / Via
Lisa Kuilenburg /

This woman carried her pretty feathered friend in place of flowers.


(Okay so this would never work, but look how CUUUUTEEEEEEE.)

19. Let them stroll down the aisle ahead of you.

20. Have them by your side during the vows.

Bark now or forever hold your peace.

21. Or include them in the vows themselves.

Cara Romano / Via

“From this day forward, I promise to love you as much as I love Ringo and Ralphie.”

22. Ride your horse to your reception.

Amber Davis / Via

23. Don’t forget to dress them up!

Landon Jacob / Via

24. Commission a Custom Pet-Inspired Cake Topper

Available here.


28. Have your pet as a prop at the photo booth.

Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography / Via

However you decide to include your BFF in your big day, make sure to designate someone you trust to be in charge of your animal so you can focus on the fun. You don’t want this to happen…

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