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New Balance Is Releasing A Collection Of Author-Inspired Sneakers

For Sale: Book shoes, never worn.

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The shoes aren’t related to any particular books or authors, however, but instead will evoke a “library-like aesthetic.”

The leathers, earth tones and details for the collection are supposedly based on events in American history that were inspirational to iconic authors, such as "westward expansion, building New York City and happenings on the battlefield."


“No one captures the essence, spirit, and the American experience better than American authors and the stories they have told throughout history” Ben Cuthbert, the associate product manager for New Balance’s lifestyle department told Boston Magazine.

Starting July 1 the collection will roll out in three tiers.

The first section, “Bespoke Authors,” will run around $300. The second tier, the “Distinct Authors Collection” out in August will run $240 and the third tier, the “Connoisseur Authors Collection,” will go for $150 and be released in September.


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