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    How To Get The Mid-Century Minimalist Look For Less Than $250

    Update your post-college pad.

    1. Perforated Sheet Metal, $15

    This large sheet is available at most hardware stores (Like Home Depot) and is often used for hobby and cabinetry. We used ours as a backdrop for other art, but you can use it as the art itself.

    2. Pearl Jam Poster, $15

    You don't have to have a bunch of art to make a statement. This one poster is colorful but simplistic and still packs a punch.

    3. Snake Plant, ~$3-5

    A living thing! It adds so much life to a room and this particular version is super easy to care for AND improves your air quality.

    4. Table Lamp, $40

    This kind of work lamp is great for a bedside because you can move the height up and down when you need more (or less) direct reading light.

    5. Duvet Cover, $30

    This simple striped duvet can be used as a coverlet in the summer and filled with a duvet for colder winter months.

    6. "Nightstand" Stool, $15

    Don't have room (or the budget) for a nightstand? Just use this cool IKEA stool for a two-tiered version.

    7. Retro Flip-Clock, $15

    Stop using your phone as your alarm clock. Instead, get this cool retro version.

    8. Rug, $35

    Instead of getting a rug that's the whole size of the room (which can be pretty pricey), try a runner that goes on one side of the bed.

    Some other great resources for the Mid-Century Minimalist:

    All Modern is a great store for budget-friendly Mid-Century furniture, lighting and decor.

    CB2 is a great resource for classic shelving, useful decor and larger furniture items.

    West Elm is a great place for chairs, bedding, desks and other more affordable modern pieces.

    You should probably have an Eames chair. Or an Eames knock-off.

    A plant in your room is a good idea. This kind is basically impossible to kill.