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17 Dads Who Totally Won 2014

This was definitely the year of the dad.

1. This dad-son band (and oven-wrecking machine).

When mom's away, the band will play. See the full video here.

2. This dad teaching his baby girl to be strong.

3. Metal dad.

Who chronicled his adventures in parenting with a little extra rock 'n' roll.

4. This dad who made the tiniest Iron Man.

When his son was in the hospital, he made the cutest paper Iron Man costume to show how tough he really was.

5. This dad who wanted to let his son know he loves him.

6. Spider-Dad.

Who dressed up and jumped from the roof to give his sick kid the best birthday ever.

7. This dad who doesn't quite understand hashtags.

8. Every dad who took their daughters to a Katy Perry/One Direction/The Wiggles concert this year.

9. All dads who text.

10. The dad who drew hilarious eyebrows on his baby.

What he doesn't know can't hurt him.

11. The dad who made these terrifyingly delicious-looking pancakes.

See them all here.

12. This dad who dances with his daughter to Taylor Swift.

Watch the whole thing here.

13. The pro skater dad who's teaching his son to shred.

Watch it all here.

14. This dad who came up with the perfect dad response to that "Rude" song by Magic!.

"Why you gotta call me rude? Just doin' what a dad should do."

Watch the whole thing here.

15. This dad who helps his daughter, who uses a wheelchair, dance on stage at beauty pageants.

The duo are trying to raise awareness about her life-threatening mitochondrial disease. Read more and watch this heartwarming dance here.

16. This dad who used his daughter's Ray Rice jersey for good.

17. And this guy.

Just a dad being adorably impressed with the moves of his baby girl.

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