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    34 Fall Fashion DIYs That Are Incredibly Easy

    No sewing or knitting required.

    1. Adorable Animal Stencil Pants

    Get the tutorial here.

    2. Faux Fur Vest

    Coziest DIY ever. Directions here.

    3. Updated Uggs

    Everything looks better with a little neon. See how here.

    4. Scalloped Shorts

    Made from old pants that don't fit. Genius. See how here.

    5. Metallic Leaf Brooch

    6. Embellished Tights

    Directions here.

    7. Chain-Woven Sweater.

    Just thread a chain through an old sweater for a stylish revamp. Watch the tutorial video here.

    8. "Over-the-Shoulder" Jacket

    This is insanely easy. See how here.

    9. Glitter Ankle Boots

    See how to make your own here.

    10. No-Sew Shearling Vest

    So easy and so cute. See how to do it here.

    11. Dip-Dyed Flannel

    Upgrade your cozies. See how to make this here.

    12. Neon Loafers

    Who says neon is just for summer. See how they made these here.

    13. Embellished Sweater

    14. Metallic Sneaks

    While you're adding paint, go ahead and waterproof them with a little wax. Then you can wear them all through winter. Directions here.

    15. Cable-Knit Boot Socks

    Easiest DIY ever. Full directions here.

    16. Felted-Elbow Sweater

    Directions here.

    17. Pom-pom Infinity Scarf

    See how to make one here.

    18. Embellished Skinny Jeans

    White is ok after Labor long as it's as cute as this pair. See how they did it here.

    19. Copper T-Shirt Necklace

    See how they made it here.

    20. Colorblock Coat

    See the directions here.

    21. Tye-Dye Tights

    Get the steps here.

    22. Heart-Patterned Tights

    Directions here.

    23. Book Clutch

    Curl up with a cozy book, or bring one with you everywhere. Get the instructions here.

    24. No-Sew Plaid Poncho

    See the tutorial here.

    25. Block-Printed Sweater

    Directions (in Swedish) here.

    26. Graphic Print Sweater

    Paint your own with this tutorial.

    27. Tartan Cape

    Get the directions here.

    28. Bow-Back Sweater

    Technically this one requires sewing, but you could easily use fabric glue instead. Directions here.

    29. Minnetonka Moccasins

    30. Cut-Out Boots

    Get the instructions here.

    31. Leather Fringe Skirt

    Instructions here.

    32. Gold-Tipped Combat Boots

    See how to make them here.

    33. Cozy Layering Top

    Directions here.

    34. Bedazzled Trench

    Get the directions here.