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31 Ideas For A Delicate Inner-Ear Tattoo

It's like an earring that you'll never lose.

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1. Music notes, to remind everyone what ears are best at.

2. Or one tiny treble clef.

3. A flower with a little extra sparkle.

5. Or a slightly bigger one.

8. A unique little snowflake.

10. A beautiful scrolling flower.

11. A minimalist triangle.

Especially god if you're in the Illuminati.


12. Two minimalist triangles.

14. Some inner (ear) peace.

17. Some cherry blossoms.

Always in bloom.

18. A two-toned fish skeleton (that's somehow cute).

19. Three tiny ear stripes.

21. A cute little butterfly.

22. The piercing power of love.

23. A moon and matching stripes.

24. The world's smallest cupcake.

25. Your favorite hashtag.

#tattoo #eartattoo #blessed

26. The sign of Venus.

Also known as the female symbol.

27. A mini-flock of mini birds.

28. A tiny flying paper plane.

31. Or, you could take the cheeky route.

Wear your ear on your sleeve.