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    21 Genius Car Cheat Sheets Every Driver Needs To See

    A visual guide to driving like a pro.

    1. What to do in a test drive.

    2. When to pull the trigger.

    3. What cars actually cost.

    4. Vehicle anatomy.

    5. How to deep clean your car.

    6. How to clean it weirdly.

    7. How to check your tires.

    8. When to check everything.

    9. How to check your own oil.

    10. What all those car terms mean.

    11. How (not) to get jacked.

    12. Prepping your car for summer...

    13. ...and for winter.

    14. What to do when you have a flat.

    15. What your nose is telling you.

    16. Steps to take after an accident.

    17. How to back it up.

    18. How to use less gas.

    19. What all those signs mean.

    20. What your dashboard symbols mean...

    21. ...and what they should actually mean.