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    This Is How You Throw Your Own Beyoncé 7/11 Underwear Dance Party

    Never drop that alcohol.

    First, you're going to need these. Several of them.

    Take them down to your local boardwalk or carnival to get "Smack It" and a neon sunset airbrushed onto them.

    Get this Kale sweatshirt from Sub Urban Riot.

    Get it here.

    The Playboy Sweater is found at Dolls Kill.

    For $145 it can be yours.

    The Cake By The Pound get-up is from the official Beyonce store, obvi.

    Get it here for $68.

    The Mike Tyson Boxing number is available at Lancaster Ltd.

    Get it here for $38. Then cut off that collar.

    Get you and your girls some of these NYE sunglasses.

    In Beyonce's world, it's Christmas and New Year's Eve ALL YEAR ROUND.

    Please plan your party (and tbh your life) accordingly.

    Don't worry about cleaning up your bathroom/bedroom/penthouse.

    As of today, clutter is officially Flawless. / Via


    You might want one of these just for shits and gigs.

    Get it here.

    You're going to need a lot of red solo cups.

    And of course, that alcohol. Buy it. Drink it. Never drop it.

    Don't forget to order sliders. On a wooden tray. To eat in your bathroom. / Via


    Break out that hairdryer for impromptu dance-ayoke.

    Then you have to decide who gets to be the top of the butt pyramid.

    I suggest rolling the dice for it.

    Other activities include half-naked yoga...

    ...fighting an unnamed assassin with only your bare hands and a wrapping paper tube....

    ICYMI, Yoncé literally saves Christmas in this scene.

    ...and making important calls on your foot phone.

    Put your foot down, your hands up, then call your imaginary enemies on your foot phone and REAM THEM OUT.

    The most important thing you'll need, besides general Greatness, is a selfie stick.

    No selfie-respecting butts-out-hands-up dance party should go down without one.

    For more inspiration, just watch the video on repeat for the rest of your life.