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    This Genius Instagram Hack Is Going To Change Your Life

    And maybe turn you into a scary robot?

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    Everyone knows the WORST thing about Instagram is that the pictures don't show up on Twitter.

    Being blonde is a full time job!

    OK, maybe not the worst. But it's pretty freaking annoying.

    No one wants to click out to see a picture.

    Twitter: @KimKardashian

    I bet those 2,864 people didn't even see it.

    This shortcut from a ~productivity website~ called IFTTT will solve all your problems!!!

    Or at least, this specific Instagram/Twitter picture-compatibility problem.

    IFTTT, which stands for "If This Then That," is a genius site that lets you create a connection between apps and websites you use.

    You can program IFTTT to do things like:

    -IF a New York Times article is trending as "popular" THEN send it to your email.

    -IF you get a new Twitter follower THEN automatically send that person a "connect with me on LinkedIn" invitation.

    -IF you leave work (according to a location finder app) THEN send your significant other a text message.

    In other words, IFTTT does a billion other things that will basically turn you into a freakishly productive (and terrifying?) robot. But the most IMPORTANT (lol) one for every social media addict is this Instagram hack.

    Here's how to do it:

    It's free! Just go here.

    This just means giving IFTTT permission like you would with any other app.

    Every time you post a picture to Instagram, it will go to Twitter WITH A NATIVE TWITTER PHOTO!!

    You don't even have to select the Twitter share directly on Instagram.

    IFTTT will share for you as soon as you post.


    New rule at the @buzzfeedfood test kitchen -- anytime you open a fresh jar of Nutella you …

    The picture is right there! Right in the tweet! And the caption is your tweet text! And it has an link right to your Instagram!

    You're welcome.

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