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How To Get The Vintage Vibe For Less Than $250

Update your post-college pad.

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1. Nicholas Cage Replaceface Poster, $25

Who wouldn't want to wake up looking at this every morning? (In an ironic and entirely un-romantic way...mostly)

2. Clap On Alarm Cube, $24

This tricky cube just looks like a block of wood until you CLAP and then the red LED will tell you the time.

3. Cactus, ~$5+

Cacti are the least friendly plant but they have a certain (literal and aesthetic) toughness that makes them cool.


4. Seeded Glass Edison Light, $40

Edison lights instantly set the mood. It's like candlelight that (probably) won't catch you on fire.

5. Buffalo Check Duvet, $60

Don't be afraid of a little color. You can never wrong with flannel.

7. Vintage Trunk, ~Free-$100

Use a trunk as a nightstand. It's a great way to look like you didn't try very hard (by literally not having to try hard) but still have cool taste.