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How To Get The Geek Chic Look For Less Than $250

Update your post-college pad.

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1. Duke R2-D2 Poster, $15+

Add a little nerd humor to your space. One cool print can go a long way in making your room feel actually lived-in and personal.

2. Clocky Alarm on Wheels, $28

Stop using your phone as your alarm. This handy clock runs away from you to make sure you can't keep snoozing.

3. PS 2014 Rug, $80

Add some color and texture to your space with this modern print rug. Plus, the pattern makes it easier to keep clean than solid carpet.

5. Magical Thinking Arrows Duvet Cover, $69

This duvet cover is great for summer, and in the colder months you can fill it with a comforter.

6.Frost Stool, $20

This table is great for a nightstand, extra storage and more.

7. Lucky Bamboo, ~$5

Dracaena braunii, or "Lucky Bamboo," is believed to bring happiness and prosperity. Plus it's really easy to take care of. Read more here.

Some other great resources for the Chic Geek:

Society 6 has lots of affordable art that's cheeky and fun.

CB2 is a great place for colorful and modern furniture that won't break the bank.

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